Affiliate Program

Become a Lead Dealer

Now You Can Be A Lead Reseller with our special program. We already have all of the inventory and systems so you can just sell!

Unique Affiliate Program

Most affiliate programs sell from an existing website and pay you commission. We offer you a website of your very own and you buy the leads directly from us. We fill the orders and you set your own pricing for each lead.

Sell leads using your own website

We setup your website with your own pricing. You collect the retail price and then order the leads using our wholesale pricing.

How do you become a Lead Reseller?

Setup Your New Website

First we setup your new website with the pricing that you have chosen. We have our already established pricing but for a small setup fee we can change the pricing to whatever you want to sell the leads for.

Advertise Your Website

You advertise your new website. If you are already a leader in a home business you can refer your members or downline to your new website.

Make the Sale

All of your sales go directly to your paypal account. You then go to our backend to purchase the leads at wholesale and you profit is already built in. We fill the leads for you. It’s as easy as that.
website setup

Website Options

We give you multiple options to start your new lead business.

  • Use standard pricing with hosting on our domain
  • Use standard pricing hosted on your domain
  • Use custom pricing hosted on your domain

As you can see we make it easy to start your own lead business. Typically when you start a leads business you have to setup your lead channels and your network to generate the leads. This is a lengthy process and can be expensive to setup. You also have to setup the distribution of the leads that you sell.This is an expensive proposition. We have boiled it all down to make it easy for you.

Advertise Your Website

Advertising Your new Website

Your options for advertising are endless on the Internet. We do not limit or control where and when you advertise. It’s your business! If you are currently building your network marketing business then this is a way for you to provide leads to your growing member base.

Lead Sale

Make The Sale

Your website is setup using your PayPal account so you have the payment right away. Once you have received payment all you need to do is login to our back end and purchase the same package at a discounted price.


We fill the order and you move on to the next sale. It’s as easy as that.


Your Plan


Website Setup

Lead Pricing

Website Hosting

Website Domain


Payment Processor


Website Setup


One Time Fee

Standard Pricing

Hosted on Sub Domain of  Our Server

Subdomain of our Website


Intermediate Website Setup


One Time Fee

Standard Pricing

Hosted on Your Server

Your Domain


Advanced Website Setup


One Time Fee

Custom Pricing

Hosted On Your Server

Your Domain


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Bill Me Later terms

Bill Me Later terms

Bill Me Later terms