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We provide 10% overage on all lead orders which assures that you are getting the best lead value for your money!

Our owner Glenn Manger has a vast background in working from home stemming back to 1985. Glenn has been involved in lead generation over the past 11 years having worked for one of the top lead generators on the internet for 10 years and now does consulting for another large generator giving him DIRECT ACCESS TO PUBLISHERS and providing you the absolute lowest prices.

Since working from home since 1985 to present Glenn realizes what the work from home business entrepreneur needs, and provides it for them by way of marketing campaigns, and customized, as well as personalized campaigns. We will provide whatever leads our clients are looking for in reference to Working From Home, Debt Mortgage, EDU, Security Systems, Health, Stock, Gold and Silver, Auto, Insurance, all the way to Whiter Teeth, and more. We can personalize any campaign to meet your needs to create the type of lead your looking for.

If your looking to drive traffic to your website our Cost Per Click campaign is one of the most cost effective ways to generate traffic to your site to increase sales. As well as our high quality non permission based emailer www.armega100.com in which prior permission has already been received.

We use a high technology propagation process that redirects all your leads to your website, capture page, or where ever you want them redirected to by not using your visual URL. Therefore protecting your domain as they never see your domain only our propagation process. Subsequently, we’re providing you the absolute best leads at the lowest prices, while protecting your domain.

Being an owner of www.armega100.com we’re able to provide you with the most responsive and absolute best prices for your auto responder leads whether you use our system or not. With our promotion, we will provide you with a free month auto responder no matter what package you choose. As a thank-you for looking at our company feel free to take us up on our free month and save as much as $349.00!

In summary My Total Success1 the (-) for SAVINGS was created to provide for you the ABSOLUTE lowest prices and highest quality leads available directly from the Publishers. If there is a lead your looking for and you do not see it, please feel free to call us at:



Glenn Manger: 973-423-5021 ext. 111


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